The city

In 2021, I started a travel writing project on the city.

I am playing 19th century European and Parisian flâneur - sorry, today it's flâneuse. I take a dilettante look at what makes Europe today, as a globalised but also very old urban civilisation.

I focus on banal places, peripheries and prevailing atmospheres. I walk or get around by public transport.

This is neither tourism nor political or social essay: I am taking a deliberately sensual, aesthetic and graphic approach to the writing. As a promeneur would have expounded on a lovely green mountain landscape in the 18th or 19th century, I take a look at the 21st century urban landscape.

My journey began in Paris in 2020. I have been roaming the streets of Paris' suburbs during the entire pandemic lockdown period. The specialist travel magazine Fields and Stations will publish my account of these travels in its second 2022 edition. Fields and Stations are specialised in "passion pieces about places".

You can follow my journeys on Twitter @IanaDreyerCITIES

Stay tuned!