Media, events, podcasts

February 2021/février 2021, Et le bilan de la guerre commerciale initiée par Donald Trump est.... Interview dans

January 2021, After the great divorce - the UK EU trade relationship after Brexit, podcast by the UK Trade Policy Observatory

January 2021, "EU has a chance to change from negotiator to political enforcer", cited in the Financial Times

September 2021, Britain's role in the World Trade Organization after Brexit, panellist at the Institute for Government

July 2019, "Europe uses trade deals to push for climate change action", cited in the Financial Times

January 2020, On BBC World Service talking about... Brexit.

Avril 2019, "Guerre commerciale avec les Etats-Unis : pourquoi la stratégie d’Emmanuel Macron inquiète les autres capitales européenne", Interview dans

December 2021, On BBC Newsnight talking about Post Brexit UK trade policy.

July 2014, Quoted in the Washington Post on crude oil trade in TTIP

April 2014, Interviewed on growth potential for French SME exports in the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (CCI) Toulouse branche's magazine Diccit No.11, pp. 18-21.

March 2014, The Energy Post endorses my latest paper with ETH Zürich (co-author J Grätz) in European debate over gas relations with Russia

February 2014, Interview and coverage of EUISS energy security paper by Europolitics, N° 4812

July 2013, interview in leading French economic magazine L'Usine Nouvelle on US-EU free trade deal.

July 2013, Institut Montaigne video - Commerce extérieur, quelles perspectives?

May 2013 - On Swiss Radio commenting in German on EU antidumping case against Chinese solar panels (erratum: I am no longer at ECIPE, contrary to what was said)

November 2012 - Quoted in the Japan Times on the importance of increasing trade in services among advanced economies

April 2012 - On Press TV commenting French public finances

Feb 2012 - On Finance TV (German) commenting on French fiscal policies

December 2011 - on BBC World Service - comments on Russia's imminent WTO accession

Nov 2011 - Quoted in Bloomberg on Russian WTO accession

Oct 2011 - Interviewed in German by the Swiss radio broadcaster Schweizer Rundfunk on China's willingness or not to help the Eurozone in crisis. German speakers, listen here.